Today Im featuring the lovely wedding of Brandon and Helena. I am lucky enough to document such intimate and romantic wedding celebrated by close friends and family. To be able to do it in a wine country is an opportunity to show case beautiful hidden vineyard and winery.

       To Brandon and Helena I wish them all the best. Taking candid emotions and infinite moments that day was such a breeze for couple like them who are madly in love and natural. Enjoy the pictures


Today Im featuring Francisco and Jacque’s wedding. As you all know It is already at the peak of summer season. And although I love the summer here in California,sometimes  its just so hot for me especially when Im working and carrying all my heavy gears.

But Anyhow as for Francisco and Jacques wedding, it didn’t bother me at all  capturing their precious moments. There are many things to described about  these couple’s wedding. As a photographer I am always into their moments, their beginnings and their processes. I only met them during  the  initial appointments and during photoshoot. And with that brief interactions, I get to know more about them and how their relationship ended up with something beautiful as their wedding.

I am a very engaging person. As busy as the day  runs. Its just my thing to asked closed friends and relatives about their history and how they made this through. I guess my instinct as a nurse stays with me even in this kind of situation.These allows me to capture moments that’s uniquely theirs. Their love story is what drives me to give more than what they deserve.And I was inspired to catch these moments and  tell everyone about  their unique love story.

This couple was amazing. I know that wedding can be both tiring and draining, but this couple made an extra effort, and because of that their wedding came out smooth and an in order till the reception. Me and my team had a wonderful time that day. We had a an awesome time witnessing such wonderful families and friends. Francisco and Jacque are blessed with such an amazing and supportive parents and very cool friends. Overall,We had fun shooting in santana row and maggianios. These are just an awesome place to get married in san jose.