I am blessed to witnessed such an Amazing journey of true love and incredible meaning of Marriage.

As I am prepping and editing this images. The song "The time of my life" (from the movie soundtrack Dirty Dancing) still lingers in my mind, it became my instant favorite since last night. I had a blast that I almost forgot that its a 25th wedding anniversary that I am witnessing. The lovely stares to each other and gentle touch and giggles while dancing together. I cant help but wonder how they made the fire burning between them as if it was their first time.

The one I witnessed yesterday is a perfect example of how Marriage should be. Now a days its very rare to witness this kind of happiness and contentment. Their passion and love for each other was tested enough thru time. 

Today, I am sharing this precious moment.. As a wedding journalist, moment seeker, I am humbled and happy to be a part of this celebration

Enjoy the moments


       Today Im featuring the lovely wedding of Brandon and Helena. I am lucky enough to document such intimate and romantic wedding celebrated by close friends and family. To be able to do it in a wine country is an opportunity to show case beautiful hidden vineyard and winery.

       To Brandon and Helena I wish them all the best. Taking candid emotions and infinite moments that day was such a breeze for couple like them who are madly in love and natural. Enjoy the pictures


Just when you thought everything was already in plot, the stage was already set. All of the sudden a day before, the weather forecast changed its course on a different direction. And rescheduling it was not even an option. Sometimes the only thing  that matters is just look at the bright side and enjoy the ride. Today I am featuring the CADAVILLOs. Im albeit excited coz they are new here on my blog.

I know that I have done this many times. Its just the timing was bogging me coz we don't normally get  heavy rain in California . Their trust and confidence ,gave me little boost  and prepare me to think ahead and create a contingent plan just incase worst case scenario happens. I believe that creativity comes when I am challenged. I just assure them that a cloudy, gloomy day will have soft, dreamy look to their pictures. I even show Dee some samples of different light scenario of my past shoots. Squeezing in some moment and running towards time was the best part of that day. I can't ask for a better day, it was meant for us.

It was raining frantically, the weather was cold and the ground was  wet. It could never been smooth without them. I was impressed with Dee for pulling out some awesome props and amazing preparedness with this session. This is my first time to do photo session in this area in coyote creek, but damn it was beautiful and magically enchanting.  The session just fell into everything that we had  planned for. I was so inspired by their ingenuity and transparency. It was only a brief session but all of this moments will last a lifetime. Enjoy the photos


Christmas day is almost near. As the days is getting nearer, busy streets are getting busier and busier. For us, it actually the resolution and blogging time. Anyhow, after all the busy week finishing up with family photo sessions and deadlines, now I have the time sit down and reflect all the awesome people I met and work with.

Today Im featuring The Pereiras. I am honored and grateful to photoshoot this very loving and fun family. 


Christmas is always been the season that we looked forward to every year. The anticipation and preparation make this special holiday really exciting. Its the season of hope, love and charity.  Its is also the time for crazy gift shopping, christmas tree cutting rush and endless party. Also in our studio, this is the craziest season wrapping up for the year!!.  It is also the time for us to be thankful to all the wonderful people who had entrusted their precious moments with us. We value this trust, thats why our commitment to service and quality is paralleled to what they expect on us.

I am blessed to have an enthusiastic  and creative family as my client. Today Im featuring FRANCIA family. They are not new here on my blog. Their merriness and candid emotions are very contagious ever since. I love taking photos of them. This time we did it in a christmas tree farm.  I was lucky enough to ask the owner if we could a have family photo session on his beautiful farm. The place amazes me with charm and welcoming fragrance of the pine. I came there early to check out the place and meet up with the kind owner to thank him personally.  It was not the cutting season yet so it was still overwhelming with beautiful  tree foliage everywhere.  Aside for doing photoshoot, I was able to explore the farm and also made window shopping for the future on what trees we would get this christmas LOL. Anyhow it was a FUN experience. Joanne, Reggie and Gwen was a blast. I  had a good time with them. I wish them a very merry christmas and prosperous NEW YEAR. Enjoy the photos!! 


Its been 2 years since I took photos of their son's birthday party. Now with the addition of  this little girl to their family,  I would definitely say that this family is already complete. Yay! for #TeamArceo!

Last Saturday, May and Martin pulled out an incredible birthday party.The princess themed party was well organized and the kids had lots of fun.However, I found out that day that Maddy was sick and i was afraid she won't be in the mood for photos. I was surprised that it turned out to be the opposite.She was  smiling, giggling and even enjoying to have pictures with other kids.She was a picture of a little girl having a great time.To top it off, Princess Elsa even paid them a visit.She serenaded the crowd with her song "Let it go" which left everyone feeling charmed and enchanted. I was also impressed with May's friendly neighbors who had helped design the table and curated the frozen theme party. It was such a beautiful day!! 

For the family. I am honored again to be part of this special day. I wish you full of joy and happiness. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and can't wait for these siblings to grow up and make an incredible team.