Last year I have the opportunity of taking photos of Darielle's 7th birthday. Darielle's mom Sheila  is my former co worker in the unit I was working. I remember Sheila to be bubbly and easy going friend. Being with her for a long time, I know hows this party gonna to turn out. 

I came in early to set up my gears as I normally do. I met familiar faces and former co workers. An hour before the start time, the venue was already starting to fill in. As as cultural filipino party, there should always "lechon" (roasted pig), pancit (filipino version of chowmien) and abundance of food. The one fun about this party is every body knows every body. Its like one big family having a huge reunion. 

What was unique about this event was the kids experience. I felt like the kids as well the adults had a good time. Sheila hired the awesome group that entertained the entire guest the whole night. Personally I was so impressed about the presentation and the organization of the group. I never felt entertain and enthusiastic. After the show, the guest had a good time using the entire dance floor to wrap up the night.

It was so wonderful to be a part of this event. The food, the vibe and the experience was incredible. I cant ask for a better day. Thanks Alda family for this opportunity to capture such an amazing daughter and amazing family.  


I can't ask for a better day. Today Im featuring the photo session of  the Nguyen family. Although it was my first time meeting them. I was so inspired by the jive and contagious sweetness of this family. To Than and her family, I wish them all the best and thank you for this opportunity. I am happy to a be part of this tradition. It was indeed a perfect day for a perfect family!!


I have been longing to post this session I had 2 weeks ago. Today Im featuring the Gelfond. They were my first client of this year. We had planned to do this since last year, but because of the tight schedule we were able to do it early this year. Im glad I met this lovely family. Their Love with each other is very contagious. Even though it was freezing, gloomy that day, this doesn't stop me from bringing the best moments of them that day. It was such a beautiful day. This park in Cupertino is a hidden gem. The perfect color and lovely foliage created the perfect backdrop  for this session

For Steve and Olivia thank you for trusting me this precious memories. Stay fab and enjoy the pictures!!


Christmas day is almost near. As the days is getting nearer, busy streets are getting busier and busier. For us, it actually the resolution and blogging time. Anyhow, after all the busy week finishing up with family photo sessions and deadlines, now I have the time sit down and reflect all the awesome people I met and work with.

Today Im featuring The Pereiras. I am honored and grateful to photoshoot this very loving and fun family. 


Its been a long and fruitful years. Blogging is the only way that I could reflect and think about what matters. I believe that capturing moments and making your friends happy, is my way of appreciating life for having people like them.

I have been longing to post this incredible family session I had last week. The Oliquianos and The Deguzmans are not new here in my blog. I have been taking photos of their family events  from birthdays to parties and even family vacations. Being our close family friend and travel buddies, it is not unusual for them to see me behind the camera all the time. As the photographer in our group, this gives me the opportunity to capture family events,gatherings and vacations.

I am posting this session taken last week ENJOY!!