Last week I had the opportunity of documenting Dylan's First Holy Communion. Dylan's mom Lauriette was planning this celebration for almost a year.  Im glad she booked me early. A lot of anticipation, I am glad to had made it to this day. The event was celebrated with close family and friends. The venue was filled with so much lovely facade and beautiful table details. I was also drawn with their warm family and lovely guests. I could never ask for a better celebration.

I had known Lauriette's family for a long time. I had also been documenting her relatives important events before. I am so excited that it is her turn for me to capture such wonderful and memorable event. 


With so much excitement, I wanted to share this lovely session I had with my sweet daughter. Its been an amazing year, I can't believe my little princess is having her first birthday soon.

As a father photographer, I can't help but wait for this moment to come. I always wanted it to be super special for her. I told my wife Nicelle that I wanted a photoshoot for her, A kind of session that is been stylized and curated just like the one we saw on pinterest. It was a crazy idea, I never thought the preparation could take longer than the photoshoot. The funny thing is we prepared the whole detail and props thing for a week and we literally just did the session for 15min. It was just a little time but things turn out what I expected.

Nicole is naturally sweet and adorable. It wasn't so hard for us to have fun and enjoy the moment while we are making this moments infinite.  Me and my wife are so happy for having her. She has given us so much joy and happiness... I wanted this Ordinary day Extraordinary..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRINCESS!!


Earlier this year, We celebrated my wife's birthday in Hawaii. This time we had the chance of bringing our kids to our happy place. Although our last honeymoon was a blast for us, we still wish we could bring our kids with us. We thought it would be awesome for us to have a good time on the beaches of Hawaii. 

Me and my were happy that it wasn't the first time the kids are traveling that long. So we were confident enough we could get thru this. Well everything is not always a breeze but alt least we made it thru our destination safe and sound. This place is so beautiful enough not to disappoint us. With so much blessings, I am glad to make wonderful memories with my love ones.