Its been 2 years since I took photos of their son's birthday party. Now with the addition of  this little girl to their family,  I would definitely say that this family is already complete. Yay! for #TeamArceo!

Last Saturday, May and Martin pulled out an incredible birthday party.The princess themed party was well organized and the kids had lots of fun.However, I found out that day that Maddy was sick and i was afraid she won't be in the mood for photos. I was surprised that it turned out to be the opposite.She was  smiling, giggling and even enjoying to have pictures with other kids.She was a picture of a little girl having a great time.To top it off, Princess Elsa even paid them a visit.She serenaded the crowd with her song "Let it go" which left everyone feeling charmed and enchanted. I was also impressed with May's friendly neighbors who had helped design the table and curated the frozen theme party. It was such a beautiful day!! 

For the family. I am honored again to be part of this special day. I wish you full of joy and happiness. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and can't wait for these siblings to grow up and make an incredible team. 


I have been longing to post this shoot I had a month ago. May was my client before when I shoot her sons birthday party. And now MADDISON. The youngest and the only girl among the siblings. This is a quick shoot done for Maddison's invitation card. I had so much fun capturing precious images with this little angel. She is playful, smiley and always something to give. It was such an amazing afternoon with such a sweet  mother and daughter bonding. I can't wait to capture moments on her birthday. Enjoy the moment. . .