I always been fascinated with Nature and Landscapes and Yosemite is one of them.  A place of majestic wonder that never fails to amaze me. Me and my family had a blast last weekend and I am happy I came back again for more.  Its always a different and exciting experience everytime I go there.

Its a four hour travel from our place and the hustle and bustle are always  worth it. Wish I could tell more about this place but it has so much to say that sometimes  I just have to capture it to tell you the story. Enjoy!!



Christmas day is almost near. As the days is getting nearer, busy streets are getting busier and busier. For us, it actually the resolution and blogging time. Anyhow, after all the busy week finishing up with family photo sessions and deadlines, now I have the time sit down and reflect all the awesome people I met and work with.

Today Im featuring The Pereiras. I am honored and grateful to photoshoot this very loving and fun family.