As a photographer,nothing puts more pressure to squeeze new creative ideas than a returning client.There is something about clients hiring you again.Its my gratitude to them and their trust that I have to push myself further to create something new and unique. As I know Joanne she likes to have good quality pictures.So I have to brainstorm to come up with a unique plan for this session.

I met Joanne thru a mutual friend where she hired me to take pictures of her little girl’s birthday party.Pass forward, now Im here again to shoot her maternity and family photos.We came up with different places to shoot but finally decided to go to Hellyer park. This place offers a playful but serene atmosphere Im looking for . I decided to do the photo session near sunset. Personally, I like this time of the day. The natural light of the beaming sunlight is at its best. In fact, just like painting a canvass there’s no need to put so many colors. The laid-back atmosphere,the light and their happy faces created the perfect ingredients for this photoshoot.

Joanne’s family was fun to shoot at.The photo session was such a breeze.Nothing makes me happy as a photographer than capturing authentic moments. As I continue to click on my camera ,I can’t help but smile at this happy and loving family.I still remember taking their little girls birthday party and now with the little pod on the way .Indeed there is something about babies that bring a dose of happiness to every persons face . To Joanne, Regie and Gwendolyn, my warmest congratulations to your new baby.